Designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of specialised lamps and lighting, flame retardant silicone rubber and electronic components for defence applications.

Ronfell Rubber is a sub-division of Ronfell Group that focuses on all aspects of the rubber industry. From EPDM, Silicone, Nitrile, Neoprene, and Bespoke Rubber Profiles

As lighting specialists, Ronfell Group is committed to the development of LED luminaires that vastly reduce the burden of maintenance and improve safety.

At Ronfell we supply chocks that are specifically designed for the type of vehicle you are driving, especially paying attention to size. As we have such a wide range it is especially important to use the right chock for the job

Ronfell Medical is a division of the Ronfell Group.

As a rubber & lighting specialist Ronfell Group we offer a range of Bespoke services within our company divisions.

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Innovation Specialists

Ronfell Group are an approachable UK company of innovation specialists based in Lancashire who are passionate about developing, prototyping and manufacturing across a range of industry sectors. We offer a bespoke range of services within our company divisions. These include: Online Shopping, Lamps & Lighting, Military & Defence, Aviation, Rubber & Plastics, Electronics, and Solar Equipment. As a specialist product design company, our services cover all aspects of the new product design process from concept creation to product commercialisation. Our customer base is made up of the most successful small to medium sized companies through to some of the largest blue chip companies in the world.

solar street lighting
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