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CTR04A Control Box

CTR04A Control Box employs MCU IC control technology. With a pre-programmed software, CTR04A can control up to 4 aviation obstruction lights. When any light fail, the control box will send a alarm signal to alarm device in BTS in order for maintaneance staff to replace the light immediately. If needed, it can turn on all light in the system and make them flash at the same time. (Control box that can control more than 4 lights are also available upon request). A photocell is included with the control box, which can turn on/off the system at dawn/dusk. The photocell should be installed in open environment. CTR04A added a extra surge protection than CTR04. The surge protector can risist up to 65KA, 2.2KV.

Operation voltageAC110V~240V
Surge protector65KA / 2.5KV
Power frequency50Hz~60Hz
Power consumptionSupport up to 300W
Photocell sensitivity30-70 lux (optional)°C
Flashing20-60 times/min (optional)
Ambient temperature-30°C ~ +60°C

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CTR04A Control Box