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RTO Series Color LED Visual Signal Lights

The RTO series LED visual signal lights are the most compact, efficient and durable units on the market. Consuming only 8 Watts, the RTO series features a direct replacement for traditional incandescentvisual signal units. Built specifically for harsh environments, the RTO seriesis resistant to shock and vibration.

RTO0B07001  Pendant mount w/ junction boxBlue
RTO0B07004  Pendant mount onlyBlue
RTO0B07005  Ceiling mountBlue
RTO0G07001  Pendant mount w/ junction boxGreen
RTO0G07004  Pendant mount onlyGreen
RTO0G07005  Ceiling mountGreen
RTO0R07-001  Pendant mount w/ junction boxRed
RTO0R07004  Pendant mount onlyRed
RTO0R07005  Ceiling mountRed
RTO0Y07001  Pendant mount w/ junction boxYellow
RTO0Y07004  Pendant mount onlyYellow
RTO0Y07005  Ceiling mountYellow
RTO1000  Flush wall mount 
RTO1001  Junction box wall mount 
RTOAW07001  Pendant mount w/ junction boxWhite
RTOAW07004  Pendant mount onlyWhite
RTOAW07005  Ceiling mountWhite

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RTO Series Color LED Visual Signal Lights