Ronfell Projects

As a rubber & lighting specialist Ronfell Group we offer a range of Bespoke services within our company divisions. 


Our rubber services can be tailored to your demands. In order for us to correctly produce your bespoke rubber profile we need to understand where the apparatus will be applied. to know the measurements of the rubber profile and the application where the apparatus will be applied.


Our bespoke festoon lighting services can be tailored to your demands.  ​What information we need from you  - Cable length - Lamp holder spacing and fitting - Cable lead length (from plug to first lamp holder) - Usage (indoor or outdoor)

Ronfell Pilot Activated Lighting

Ronfell are key suppliers of airfield lighting to military, civilian and charity organisations throughout the world. The remote solar powered ground lighting is activated by a simple call from your mobile. Just text the number and your remote heliport pad is illuminated by a red obstruction light, a powerful floodlight that illuminates the “H” pad and green ground perimeter lights.

For more information on our bespoke festoon services or to place an order with the above information, please contact us on 01257 795186. Alternatively email us via