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If you have NO electrical power or do not want to install expensive under ground power then we have the ideal solution for you. 100% solar powered integrated camera and RF radio, up to four solar cameras can stream live to one HUB. Wireless Protocol: TrustLinx® secure digital radio frequency 2.4GHz Range: 800m (Line of Sight) Features
  • Galvanised 5-8 metres column with Anti-Climb spikes
  • Solar Panel and Control Box with internet Connection
  • Long Life Battery and Battery Charging system
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Optional – Obstruction Red LED Beacon – Led Floodlights
  • Ultra-low power design consumes only 0.7watt of power
  • Internal battery provides 5 days of continuous backup power
  • HD 720P camera with 45m Infra Red Illuminator option
  • Configurable frame rate from 1-15fps
  • Secure wireless Line of Sight communication up to 500m
  • Coexists with other wireless infrastructures, global unlicensed band
  • Compatible with most NVR’s (Network Video Recorder) and VMS software packages, emulates Axis® IP camera
  • 100% solar powered integrated camera and RF radio
  • Rapid deployment and redeployment, cable free design
  • Up to four solar cameras can stream live to one HUB (30fps shared)
  • Eco – Friendly by definition!
Camera Specification
  • 1/3” SOC 1 Megapixel (1280x720P) CMOS
  • 1-15fps for each camera, continuous 24/7
  • Camera dimensions: 44.78cm x 14.50cm x 13.67cm
  • Camera weight: 2.86 kg
  • Optional IR Range up to 35m; 15 or 45 degree IR illumination cone Independent ambient light sensor detects environmental light
  • Lens: standard CCTV CS thread (2.8-11mm standard, 10-40mm varifocal telephoto option)
  • HD 720p Video data securely transmitted to hub
  • Solar panel power, size, and weight, plus bracket: 15W 43.18cm x 35.89cm x 3.02cm, 2.04kg, 2.97kg 20W 57.79cm x 35.89cm x 3.02cm, 2.79kg, 3.72kg 30W 50.80cm x 54.13cm x 3.02cm, 3.40kg, 4.33kg 45W 64.92cm x 53.49cm x 3.02cm, 4.24kg, 7.65kg
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 50°C
  • Charging temperature:-20°C to 50°C
  • IP66 Compliant
HUB Specification
  • Hub size: 19.69 cm x 19.69cm x 6.68cm
  • Hub weight: 1.54kg
  • Antenna size: 10.16cm
  • Antenna weight: 0.50kg
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Fanless housing: Thermal convection cooling
  • Frame rate 30fps shared at hub (1-15 per camera)
  • Compression format: Video streams via Ethernet
  • H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG
  • Video Streams: RTSP and HTTP
  • Up to 4 Cameras per hub
  • Compatible with many IP based VMS software packages, including Milestone®, Lenel®, Axis®, Genetec®, Axxon®, Avigilon®, IndigoVision®, Pelco®, VideoIQ® and others.
  • Transformer: 100VAC ~ 240VAC (DC 20V@4.5A Output)
  • 15 Watt power consumption

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Solar Powered Airfield Camera