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T5 LED Tube with Internal Driver

Benefits of LED T5 Tube Light

  • Long lasting so very low maintenance costs
  • Cheaper to run than fluorescent tubes
  • Save you money
  • Don’t flicker so are better for your eyesight
  • Shatterproof unlike fluorescent tubes – safe for food preparation areas
The very latest product is a T5 LED internal driver tube, rated at 110/230v – 4 to 20 watts. This high-voltage T5 is the first of its kind with internally mounted driver in the world. It holds industry certifications including CE / RoHS / PSE / FCC and offers exquisite design and suerior quality, carrying a warranty of 3 – 4 years. This T5 LED Tube brings you these outstanding features:
  • The industry’s first high voltage T5 LED tube with internal driver.
  • High Power Factor, greater than 0.9 with voltages 12VDC, 24VDC/AC, 110VAC & 240VAC.
  • Aluminium and PC casing offers excellent heat dissipation.
  • Input voltage of 90-132VAC or 200-264VAC, accommodating the use for most European & American countries.
  • High lumen efficacy of over 104LM/W, over 70% more power efficient than filament lamps.
  • 3528 LEDs with 10*23 chips, long lifespan of 50,000 hours plus.
  • 300mm-1500mm / 4w-20w / WW, NW, CW, Admiralty Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Amber.
The T5 LED Light offers excellent high performance for its physical size. Ronfell takes great pride in offering impeccable quality. Installation is similar to T8 LED construction and allows rewiring to plus 230V and neutral to each end of the tube having the two pins paralleled. Standard connection with a 5 amp fuse recommended.
  • High PF, PF:>0.95
  • High Lifespan >50000H
  • High Brightness up to 120Lm/w for whole lamp
  • Brightness won’t decrease in one year

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T5 LED Tube with Internal Driver