Nelaton Catheter

Product enquiry form Nelaton Catheter Nelaton Catheter are used for bladder cathterisation through urethra. Catheter are made from Non toxic, non irritant, Medical grade PVC Compound. Radio opaque line provided through out the catheter for X-ray visualization. Distal end is

Urethral Catheter

Product enquiry form Urethral Catheter Urethral Catheter are used for urine drainage. Catheter are made from non-toxic non irritant medical grade PVC Compound. Distal end is coned with two Lateral eyes for maximum drainage. Proximal end is provided with Funnel

Leg Bag

Product enquiry form Leg Bag Suitable for day & night use for incontinence Manufactured from soft clinical grade PVC sheeting. Available with bottom outlet. Non-return valve to prevent the backflow of urine. Printed with easy to read scale. Convenient for